Mitchell Medical PC

Addiction Medicine Specialists

Providing addiction medicine services to patients suffering from Opioid addiction, alcoholism, and other substance abuses disorders

Mitchell Medical PC

Addiction Medical Specialists

Providing substance abuse treatment services in the Hudson River Valley and in New York City.

Addiction Treatment

When and Where You Need It

At Mitchell Medical PC, we specialize in addiction treatment. In short, we help turn lives around by helping patients get sober and stay sober. Regardless of the addiction – whether it be alcoholism, opioid addiction, benzodiazepine dependence, addiction to stimulants like cocaine or Adderall, or any other substance abuse – we tailor a treatment plan to each individual patient to help them achieve lasting sobriety. Unlike traditional rehab centers, our services consist entirely of outpatient treatment, allowing patients to get clean in the comfort of their own home. Also unlike regular rehabs, we continue treatment beyond initial detox, checking in regularly with patients to help avoid relapse and achieve lasting sobriety. 

Addiction Treatment

Our sole focus is helping patients get clean and stay sober. Regardless of the drug or alcohol dependence, we tailor a treatment plan to each patient using proven practices like medically assisted treatment (MAT) and the Sinclair Method..

Outpatient Detox

Drug and alcohol withdrawals can be agonizing and even life-threatening. We guide patients through a safe and effective detox process from the comfort of their own homes.

Relentless Care

Long-term sobriety is a lifelong battle. Unlike rehab centers that cut most ties to patients after initial detox, we keep in touch with our patients through regular appointments and check-ins to help patients avoid relapse.


With compassion and medically assisted treatments.

Meet our Experienced Team of Doctors

Experienced and compassionate doctors

dr. Michael Mitchell
Dr. Michael Mitchell, MD

Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr Michael Mitchell brings a deeply personal history to his practice of addiction medicine .

What Our Patients Say About Us

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Mitchell Medical PC
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Casey ArenaCasey Arena
21:38 27 Mar 24
I have known Dr. Mitchell and his wife for years now. Lynn and I have special talks and she has gotten to even meet my child my first visit because I know how LOVING and CARING these 2 are. And how dedicated Dr. Mitchell is to helping people who actually want the help.I highly recommend him and his wife Lynn. They are very family oriented and I also have a personal love for her dogs! Can’t say enough about you guys! 💕
Penny LanePenny Lane
20:02 09 Jan 23
Dr Mitchell is truly everything and more of what a Dr should be ! He has helped me regain my life again. I felt secure and confident with his help! He truly cares about you and fully understands what you need to regain your life back and in a caring and safe environment! So to say he’s the best at what he does is a understatement! Thank you Dr Mitchell From a very grateful patient JL
Stacy SpinningStacy Spinning
02:37 04 Jan 23
You will never find another Doctor like Dr Mitchell. He listens to you, helps with everything. Dr Mitchell is a true doctor that cares and maintaining your health!! Thank you for everything you do!!
Andrea BloomeAndrea Bloome
17:37 12 Jul 22
Dr. Mitchell is a wonderful caring human being who is vested in helping others. Can't say enough good things.
Eric GordineerEric Gordineer
18:29 28 Feb 22
Dr. Mitchell truly and honestly saved my life. The comfort and trust that was quickly built at Dr. Mitchell’s office is unmatched in my personal experience. I feel very grateful to have come across Dr. Mitchell and his wife, Lynne and wouldn't wish to work with anyone else. Besides remaining reliable, the care and concern they’ve shown me truly blew me away from the beginning . Thanks again Dr. Mitchell.
Frank WoodFrank Wood
20:58 14 Oct 21
I do not even know where to begin. Phenomenal service with compassion and understanding with no judgement at all. Doctor Mitchell really cares about his patients and he is very Insightful and knowledgeable about all topics but specifically how to get you CLEAN. Lynn is also amazing to deal with, and patient (which in addiction business can be very frustrating) I can truly say they have saved my life. I urge anyone to please seek help through Mitchell medical PC and change your life for the better!
Sarah MazzettiSarah Mazzetti
18:07 01 Jun 21
Dr. Mitchell has been a Godsend to me! There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation to both him and his wife Lynne. He is truly the most genuine, caring, empathetic and down to earth doctor I have ever met or been a patient of in my life. He goes above and beyond for his patients. If you struggle or have a loved one that struggles with addiction and you want help... He’s the man you need to see. Thank you so much Dr. Mitchell and Lynne for everything you have done for me. Forever grateful.