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Don’t Detox at Home on Your Own!
Did you know that detoxing on your own, or going cold turkey on your own, can be dangerous? If you are a heavy drinker, then going cold turkey on your own can literally mean death. You should always either go gradually, or seek the help of an addiction medicine professional to help you detox with […]
We’re Here When You Need Us As the self isolation continues to be a growing threat to those with addiction, we continue to provide our undivided support during these tough times. If you or a loved one are experiencing trouble with drugs or alcohol abuse, please click the button below to make an appointment. You are […]
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Overdoses During the Pandemic
Here at Mitchell Medical PC, over the course of the pandemic, we have received more calls to action than ever. Periods of isolation and loneliness are the worst things for a person in recovery, and relapse rates have been higher than ever. According to the Provisional Drug Overdose Death Counts this is the highest opioid […]
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